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University moving for both faculty and students is often a chaotic time as so many people are moving in or out all at once. This can be extremely stressful and make getting adequate help nearly impossible if you try to do the moving yourself. Moving Unlimited changes all that and helps you get a better, worry-free start and finish to the school year!

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It can be tempting to try and do your own moving especially if you only have a few large pieces. However, even one large bed or dresser could be the item that causes an injury while trying to haul it up flights of stairs. This also increases the chances of damage to your property and will take up even more precious time you could be using to get settled in.


As with any move, university moving offers a special set of circumstances that must be considered in order to make the move a success. Many colleges, for example, don’t have updated dorm rooms which might mean there is limited or nonexistent access to an elevator. When elevators are available, they are often smaller than what’s needed to move furniture while fully assembled. Narrow hallways, narrow stairs and crowded areas also make for a difficult move.

To remedy the various issues that exist with university moving, Moving Unlimited offers these advantages:

•   Expert assembly and dismantling of furniture
•   Specialized equipment to traverse difficult areas
•   Trained and trusted movers with thorough background checks
•   Ample help and proper equipment to ensure we’re always prepared
•   Moving options to take items to storage when needed


Moving into and out of a university setting requires accurate scheduling. Universities often have strict rules about the dates and times that moving can be done. Additionally, even when you have a flexible move in date, it’s often better to get situated more quickly to make the start or end of your school year easier.

To ensure you’re able to get your required move in date, call or use our contact us form to receive a free estimate!


Moving Unlimited, the largest moving company provides a portfolio of services to a diverse range of clients.


Make home feel like home faster with our expert residential Vaughan movers. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, Moving Unlimited will work with you to create a hassle-free, stress-free and pleasant moving experience.


Moving a business presents a unique set of challenges for employees and owners. When choosing your Vaughan movers for your office or other commercial space, you need a moving company that will work to reduce downtime and ensure the fast, efficient setup of your new workspace.


Often, the more miles you have to cover, the more chance there is for something to go wrong. This is why Moving Unlimited takes special precautions when it comes to long distance moving. Unlike other moving companies, we have dedicated training, trucks and equipment for long distance moving. This cuts down on time, cost and the chance for damage.

With Moving Unlimited, you get a moving company that is full of trained and experienced movers who are ready to offer their very best efforts to make your moving day a good one. Our polite and personable staff service the Ontario area and understand the unique difficulties that city (as well as country) moving has to offer.

At Moving Unlimited, we are happy to offer you professional service and expert assistance. Our movers understand the stress that moving day can cause, and they aim to make your life as easy as possible throughout the process. We work hard in order to give you the best moving solutions possible, no matter how specific and unique your requirements and needs might be.

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